Fallen Angels Catalogue

  • Jack Vettriano Self-Portrait of the Artist
    Self-Portrait of the Artist
  • Jack Vettriano A Voyage of Discovery
    A Voyage of Discovery
  • Jack Vettriano Cheating Hearts
    Cheating Hearts (scene from Therese Raquin)
  • Jack Vettriano Working the Lounge
    Working the Lounge
  • Jack Vettriano Setting New Standards
    Setting New Standards
  • JacK Vettriano Busted Flush
    Busted Flush
  • Jack Vettriano Just Another Saturday Night
    Just Another Saturday Night
  • Jack Vettriano Night Negotiations
    Night Negotiations
  • Jack Vettriano The First Audition
    The First Audition
  • Jack Vettriano Sailor Boys
    Sailor Boys
  • Jack Vettriano The Star Cafe
    The Star Cafe
  • Jack Vettriano Sometimes Its A Mans World
    Sometimes Its A Mans World


The Catto Gallery held Jack Vettriano's Fallen Angels exhibition from 12th – 20th May 1993.

There were a total of 29 of Vettriano's early works on display including The Star Cafe and Working the Lounge. Further images on display are shown here.  

A 20 page catalogue accompanied the event which contained an introduction from Ann Sebba. The last page of the catalogue has a full list of the 29 paintings that were for sale and 15 of those paintings are shown in the catalogue.

Jack also released a book of his paintings called Fallen Angels.

We have both a signed and an unsigned Fallen Angels catalogue available.


Fallen Angels catalogue, signed by Jack Vettriano on the inner introduction page by the Jack Vettriano title. This catalogue is in very good condition, supplied wrapped in cellophane.


Fallen Angels catalogue, unsigned, in excellent condition.


Fallen Angels catalogue, unsigned, with some signs of slight wear on the front cover.



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