Summers Remembered Exhibition

  • Jack Vettriano The Direct Approach
    The Direct Approach
  • Jack Vettriano The Main Attraction
    The Main Attraction
  • Jack Vettriano The Mad Hairdresser Study
    The Mad Hairdresser (Study)
  • Jack Vettriano The Barmaids Fancy
    The Barmaids Fancy
  • Jack Vettriano Dancing Couple
    Dancing Couple
  • Jack Vettriano Gambling Boys
    Gambling Boys
  • Jack Vettriano The Administration of Justice
    The Administration of Justice
  • Jack Vettriano Right Time Right Place
    Right Time Right Place
  • Jack Vettriano Good Time Girl
    Good Time Girl
  • Jack Vettriano Seaside Sharks
    Seaside Sharks
  • Jack Vettriano Summertime Blues
    Summertime Blues
  • Jack Vettriano The Innocents
    The Innocents
  • Jack Vettriano The Duellists
    The Duellists
  • Jack Vettriano The Same Old Game
    The Same Old Game
  • JacK Vettriano Busted Flush
    Busted Flush


Jack Vettriano's Summers Remembered exhibition was held at the Corrymella Scott Gallery from 12th November to 3rd December 1993.

It featured 25 of Vettriano's paintings, some of which are shown here and include Seaside Sharks and Same Old Game..

The exhibition was called Summers Remembered Oil Paintings by Jack Vettriano and a 28 page catalogue was released for the event. The catalogue contains a full list of the 25 paintings exhibited and contained images of 16 of those paintings and a foreword by Vivien Hamilton, Curator of Art at Glasgow Museums.

We have a signed and an unsigned catalogue available. Catalogues from Jack Vettriano’s early association with the Corrymella Scott Gallery are very rare. 


Summers Remembered Catalogue in very good condition. Signed by Jack Vettriano on the inside of the front cover page.


Summers Remembered catalogue, unsigned. This catalogue has some signs of age colouring. 



Fallen Angels Book
The Passion & The Pain Catalogue
A Retrospective Signed Book/Catalogue
Seaside Sharks Signed Print