Jack Vettriano Limited Editions - 5 checks before you buy

Thinking of buying a Limited Edition Print from a private seller or on ebay? At Simply Jack Vettriano, we have seen hundreds of Vettriano Limited Edition Prints and we meticulously check each of our prints. If you are considering buying a Limited Edition Print from the secondary market then there are 5 things we think you should consider before you buy.


1. Can you see the history/provenance of the limited edition print?

Can you see a purchase history i.e. where the person selling the print originally bought it? A clear history of ownership is very helpful at confirming whether the limited edition print you are thinking of buying is genuine or not. If you can see that they bought the print from the publisher directly, or from a reputable art dealer, this gives credibility and authenticity to the print.


2. Does it have a Certificate of Authenticity?

Now, as we know, not all Vettriano Limited Edition Prints were published with a Certificate of Authenticity. The older prints in particular were not released with Certificates of Authenticity and sometimes the publisher only supplied them on request. Some prints may have a Certificate and some won't have one at all.


3. How has it been stored?

If the Limited Edition Print you are thinking of buying has been framed and hung on a wall then check for colour fading. Silkscreens and Lithographs that have been subjected to direct sunlight can show signs of fading. Prints that have been hung too close to sources of heat (fireplaces) can warp. 

If the print has been stored in a tube then you need to check for cracking. Some of Vettriano's Limited Edition Prints were printed as silkscreens and were packaged in tubes. Silkscreens that have been stored in a tube for any great length of time are prone to cracking when removed from the tube.

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4. Check the signature

Jack Vettriano Limited Edition Prints are all signed to the bottom right hand side of the print on the white border. The signature should be written in pencil, clear and without smudging.

5. Check the limited edition number

All limited edition prints should be numbered to the bottom left hand side of the print, again written clearly, without smudging and in pencil. The number of the print should be displayed along with the edition size. If the Limited Edition Print is number 30 out of an edition of 100 then 30/100 should appear on the left hand side of the print.


Let us know if you have any questions. Or why not check out our Limted Edition prints.