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5 Artists We Love Right Now

5 Artists We Love Right Now

Are you looking for some really great artists? Find out who our 5 favourite artists are right now.

It's pretty clear we adore Jack Vettriano as we have the UK's largest collection of limited editions prints available. We love looking at other artists too! Here's our top 5 favourites right now.


1. JJ Adams

You can find JJ Adams' originals and limited edition prints in art galleries throughout the UK. He uses a blend of spray painting, acrylics, stenciling, screen painting, collage and digital composite and matte painting, as well as photography.

I have Cooler King, on my wall right now. It's part of the JJ's tattoo series. I am fortunate enough to be able to rotate my art regularly. Every time I hang this limited edition print I see something new. The detail is awesome. From the tiny tattoo peaking out from below McQueen's trousers, to the car from Bullet on the wall. JJ's tattoo series covers the great icons like James Dean (being tattooed by Elvis Presley) to Audrey Hepburn and Al Pacino.

Check out his Rule Britannia Series, where you can find JJ's take on great British icons like Kate Middleton, Nelsons Column and even Edinburgh Castle.

JJ Adams - TK421


2. Ron Lawson

Painting full time since 2010, Ron Lawson's works have been exhibited in Scotland, London, New York and Toronto. Painted with watercolour and gouache, his work has a contemporary take on the Scottish Highland and Islands.

Unsurpringsly his paintings sell quickly. A recent exhibition in a Scottish art gallery sold out within 2 hours. Ron also releases some of his work as limited edition prints. His 3rd series of signed limited editions have been released and feature outstanding images from Mull, Arisaig and Barra.

His long, narrow paintings reflect a horizon and I can be easily drawn in to the dark sky with the contrasting slither of land and remote cottages that define his distinctive style, along with the occasional sheep meandering into view.

Ron Lawson - Clachan, South Uist


3. Iain Faulkner

Iain Faulkner is a figurative painter whose last 4 shows in New York and London have been a sell out. His use of contrast between light and dark bring depth and three-dimensionality to his figures.

Iain Faulkener's paintings allow the viewer to build their own story behind the painting, much like Jack Vettriano's. The stillness he creates draws me in. His paintings mainly feature a man in contemplative moments but sometimes with a woman or boats and often with classic cars.

Iain Faulkner - Horizon

4. Dronma

Described as a "new Scottish colourist", Dronma's paintings are often of wild, windswept and rugged coastlines. Her original paintings are oils and are alive with colour and movement. Dronma describes herself as "being in the now with the elemental forces" and "responding to the moods of the sea, whether it is light dancing on still waters or the raging waves, and the wind driven onto the lands". Gazing at her paintings, I can almost feel the wind and the spray from the sea which she captures so perfectly.

Her paintings sit well as stand alone pieces and look equally good when hung on a wall in groups of 2 or 3.

Mainly exhibiting in Scotland, Dronma's original oil paintings can be found in private collections around the world. She has also released limited edition prints of her work.

Dronma - Evening Glow White Horses


5. Jolomo (John Lowrie Morrison)

Jolomo has exhibited his work worldwide for over 30 years. His oil paintings have a distinctive expressive style, which feature remote areas of Scotland, with crofts, landscapes and small island villages. Jolomo uses a painting technique called impasto, where paint is laid so thickly it stands out from the canvas. This and the pure, vivid colours he uses, blue in particular, help bring the remoteness of this chosen subject to life and also gives it a warmth and depth.

His work is available as the original oils, limited editions prints and open edition prints.

Jolomo - Evening Summerlight Isle of Gigha


You can find out more about these artists and other artists we adore on our pinterest board. Or let us know who your favourite is in the comments below.


Wondering what the image at the top of the page is? It is called Timing and it is from Jack Vettriano's print Tension, Timing and Triumph. Find out more about it here.