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How to care for your print

How to care for your print

Caring for your limited edition print will prolong its life and value. Our guide covers everything from how to store your signed limited editions storage to cleaning your frame.

If you have just received delivery of your print, follow our guide for storage, hanging and cleaning to make sure you can enjoy it for a lifetime.


Your unframed print

If your print has not been framed, handle with the utmost care. Ensure your hands are clean, even natural body oils can mark or damage your print. Never touch the image and always pick up the print with two hands on the white border. It may sound obvious but we are all human and accidents do happen.


Storage of your unframed print

If you are planning on keeping your prints stored for a period of time then make sure they are kept flat. Use acid free backing board and mount (if your print is mounted) and wrap in acid free tissue paper.

Prints that have been rolled in tubes for a period of time can be difficult to uncurl and makes it harder for the picture framer to frame the print.

Silkscreen prints are also prone to cracking if they have been stored in a tube. If you are thinking about buying a silkscreen limited edition print then do ask how it has been stored (unless it's from us as, all our prints have always been kept flat!). If it has been rolled in a tube make sure you inspect it carefully before purchase.

Store your prints in a cool, dry place and keep away from sources of heat or damp areas.


Framed Prints

Where you hang your print is of course personal choice and many people buy a print or a painting with a specific place in mind for hanging. We would suggest keeping your prints away from direct sunlight. Light fades prints over time and loss of colour leads not only to the loss of enjoyment of your print, but also reduces its value.

Ask your picture framer to use UV or conservation glass to help protect against the light. It will not only protect from natural sunlight but also from fluorescent light.

Prints, even framed ones, don't like heat or damp. Excess heat or damp conditions can cause warping. Avoid hanging your picture above a fireplace.


Cleaning your print

Wipe the frame with a soft cloth and never allow glass cleaner to come into contact with your frame.


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