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Whats the difference between a Limited Edition Print and an Open Edition Print?

Whats the difference between a Limited Edition Print and an Open Edition Print?

Looking for a Jack Vettriano print, poster or Limited Edition Print? Whats the difference between an open edition print and a limited edition print. Find out here

If you are thinking about buying a Jack Vettriano print, you will have come across both prints and Limited Edition Prints by Jack Vettriano. Often prints will have different titles like open edition or posters. So, what is the difference between prints, open edition prints, posters and Limited Edition Prints? How do you know you are choosing the right one for you?

Here we are going to talk about the differences between prints, which are often called open edition prints or posters and Limited Edition Prints.


Prints, Open Edition Prints and Posters

You will come across all kinds of names for prints when you are looking to buy a Vettriano print. Let's get the jargon out of the way and clear this up first. Prints and open edition prints are the same thing. Prints are sometimes called a poster, but a poster normally promotes an exhibition or an event and so has text on it promoting the event. A print should have just the image, with no text.

Open edition prints are a reproduction of an image and are produced digitally and by different print houses. The different print houses use different paper for printing. The difference in quality of print, colour and paper can vary dramatically. As they are produced digitally they can be reprinted time and time again. There is not restriction as to how many prints are made. When a print runs out, the printer simply prints more of the print. The number of prints is open, hence the term open edition prints. You can find out more about open edition prints here.


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Limited Edition Prints

Limited Edition Prints, unlike open edition prints, are strictly limited to the number that are printed. The actual number of Limited Edition Prints that are released is at the discretion of the artist. In Jack Vettriano's Limited Editions Prints they have released as few as 20 Limited Editions and as many as 495. Jack Vettriano Limited Edition Prints are only released by Jack Vettriano's publisher and the whole process is overseen by Jack himself.

The colours and the quality of printing are checked carefully. The paper used is cotton rag and the process is called giclee printing. The consistency of printing is high and each print is identical.

Once Jack Vettriano has checked each print, he numbers them, sequentially, to the bottom left hand side in pencil and signs them to the bottom right hand side. The printing plate is then destroyed so that no more of the exact same Limited Edition Prints can be produced.

Limited Edition Prints are printed to a higher standard than prints and, unlike prints, have a limited number available. This makes Limited Edition Prints more valuable than open edition prints.

Not all Jack Vettriano's works have been made available as prints. Likewise, some of his works are available as Limited Edition Prints, but not as open edition prints. Amatuer Philosophers, for example, has only been released as an open edition print.


Amatuer Philosophers by Jack Vettriano


Seven Heaven has only been released as a Limited Edition Print.


 Seven Heaven by Jack Vettriano


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