Looking for a Jack Vettriano Print? The Top 5 Vettriano Limited Edition Prints

Whether you are thinking of buying your first Vettriano Limited Edition Print, or your second or third you may be asking yourself, which Vettriano Limited Edition Prints do other people buy, and which are the most popular?
In the last 4 years of selling Limited Edition Prints, we have been asked for every print Vettriano published. There are some that stand out and are definite favourites among our clients.


We have tracked back our orders, looked at the searches people have made and come up with the 5 most wanted limited edition prints and even included a price guide. As they are the most wanted prints, they can be a little more expensive. To help, we have also included ideas on where else you can find the image, at a price to suit every budget.

So in reverse order, let's have a look at the top 5 most wanted Jack Vettriano limited edition prints.


#5 The Temptress

Released in 2008, in an edition of 250 Limited Edition Prints, The Temptress has been quietly becoming one of our most requested prints. The original is owned by a private collector in Singapore.

Jack Vettriano's The Temptress

Availability: Sold out at the publishers and rarely become available on the secondary market. They sell quickly when one does become available.

Price: Increasing demand for The Temptress is resulting in price increases in the last few months. Expect to pay upwards of £2000 for a Limited Edition Print and more for an Artist's Proof.

You can also find the image shown in: Jack Vettriano: A Retrospective. At 196 pages this is more book than catalogue. Featuring The Temptress, along with a further 116 images of Vettriano's works, I am sure you will find more than one or two paintings here that will catch your eye.


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#4 For My Lover

The most recently released Limited Edition Print to reach our top 5 most wanted list.

For My Lover was released, as a Limited Edition Print, to mark Jack Vettriano's Retrospective Exhibition, at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery in Glasgow. The exhibition ran from September 2013 to February 2014, attracting 132,000 visitors, making it the most visited art exhibition in the history of the Kelvingrove.

For My Lover featured Vettriano's girlfriend of the time and was released as a 100 Limited Editions and 20 Artist's Proofs. All sold out within the initial opening days of the exhibition and have been highly sought after, on the secondary market, ever since.

Jack Vettriano said of For My Lover - "I love the ritual that we go through before we go on a date, or used to go through before I went on a date....She's had a bath, she's painting her nails and is wearing the red that he likes."

The warm tones in Vettriano's painting are highlighted by the frame he choose for the Limited Edition Prints.

Availability: Sold out at the publishers. They do appear for sale from time to time and tend to be snapped up quickly when they do appear.

Price: Expect to pay £1000 to £1500 for a Limited Edition Print and more for an Artist's Proof.

You can also find the image shown in: Jack Vettriano: A Retrospective. Also available in Vettriano's book A Life


#3 Olympia (Zara Phillips)

Jack Vettriano was asked to paint Zara Phillips for the charity, Sport Relief, in 2008. The original painting was auctioned by Bonhams to raise money for the charity. 100 Limited Edition Prints of Olympia were later released, featuring Zara in Jack's studio, on a chair draped with the Union Jack.

A large image, measuring 16 x 20 inches, in demand since its release.

Availability: Sold out at the publishers and very hard to find on the secondary market.

Price: In the original frame, expect to pay upwards of £2500 for a Limited Edition Print.

You can also find the image shown in: This is only available as a Limited Edition Print as the image does not feature in any of Vettriano's books and was not released as an Open Edition Print.


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#2 Yesterday's Dreams

Featuring a beautiful lady looking out a window and released as a Limited Edition Print in 1995, Yesterdays Dreams is our 2nd most wanted print.

Set in a studio of an Edinburgh townhouse, the title and inspiration for Yesterday's Dreams came from the song by Lamont Dozier and brothers, Brian and Eddie Holland. A 17 year old, Jack Vettriano (or Jack Hoggan as he was then) had been left heartbroken and listened to this song repeatedly. Years later, he heard the song again and the result was this stunning painting.

You can find out more about the story behind Yesterday's Dreams in Vettriano's own words here.

Availability: Sold out at the publishers for many years. Exceptionally hard to find on the secondary market.

Price: Expect to pay around £3000 for a framed print

You can also find the image shown in: Vettriano: A Retrospective and his book Studio Life


#1 Dancer for Money & The Letter

Okay, we cheated a little. We really couldn't separate these two and neither can many owners.

The Letter and Dancer for Money were originally released as Limited Edition Prints in 2000 along with The Drifter, Winter Light & Lavender and Beautiful Losers II. The Letter and Dancer for Money were often bought together and we often see buyers continuing to buy these together on the secondary market.

Dancer for Money is well documented as having been purchased by the actor Jack Nicolson and a study for Dancer for Money recently sold at a Sotheby's auction for £35,000.

Both Limited Edition Prints are large, imposing prints and they do look particularly well hung in the same room.

Availability: Resales do appear from time to time.

Price: Expect to pay £3000 to £4000 each. We have seen some sell for up to £5000.

You can also find these images shown in: Dancer for Money was one of the paintings exhibited at the Retrospective at the Kelvingrove as you can find it in Vettriano: A Retrospective Catalogue. Also features in Vettriano's books A Man's World, A Life and Lovers & Other Strangers. The Letter - Features in Vettriano's books Women In Love and Lovers & Other Strangers.


There we have it, the top 5 most wanted Jack Vettriano Limited Edition Prints. Is your favourite in the list? Let us know in the comments below.

What might make it to the 5 most wanted list in the next few years?
These 5 (or 6!) Vettriano prints stand out, now, as being the most wanted Limited Edition Prints. If you are looking for ones we think might feature on this list in future then check out Morning News, Seven Heaven and Portrait in Black and Pearl.

If you are looking for any Vettriano Limited Edition Prints, not just the top 5, check out our limited edition prints, or get in touch.