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Jack Vettriano: Exhibition List

Jack Vettriano: Exhibition List

Jack Vettriano's exhibitions of paintings have been sell out for many years. His Retrospective was a stunning display of over 100 of his paintings from his career so far. Here's an exhibition list to date.

Jack Vettriano's first solo exhibition was in 1992. Did you know he had exhibitions with other artists before this? Here's a guide to all Jack Vettriano exhibitions, up to his most recent, the record breaking Retrospective at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum in Glasgow. Find out more about each exhibition and see how his painting style has changed.


A Contrast of Styles

Date: 9th to 31st August 1991, Edinburgh Festival

Location: Solstice Gallery, Edinburgh

A joint exhibition of paintings by Joan Renton and Jack Vettriano. After 3 years of painting full-time, this was Vettriano's 3rd exhibition at the Solstice Gallery. Featuring, a painting called Discovered and the now very well known painting, Mad Dogs and...


"Discovered" by Jack Vettriano

The Art of Rugby Exhibition

Date: 3rd to 26th October 1991

Location: Solstice Gallery, Edinburgh

An unusual subject for Vettriano to paint for this exhibition, The Art of Rugby Exhibition marked the 2nd Rugby World Cup.


"Elluding the Tackle" by Jack Vettriano

Tales of Love & Other Stories

Date: 15th May to 6th June 1992

Location: The Edinburgh Gallery

Tales of Love & Other Stories was Vettriano's first ever solo exhibition. 36 of his paintings were exhibited and included some that are very well known favourites today, such as Waltzers and some lesser known paintings like A Kind of Loving.


"A Kind of Loving" by Jack Vettriano

God's Children

Date: 2nd to 11th October 1992

Location: The Mall Galleries, The Mall, London

Vettriano's first exhibition in London. A total of 37 paintings were available. The exhibition featured the Singing Butler, which has become one of his most well-known paintings, after reaching record prices at auction in later years. Some of the originals on display were those that sold at the Tales of Love & Other Stories exhibition. The paintings for sale included Busted Flush and Angel.


"Angel" by Jack Vettriano

Fallen Angels

Date: 12th May to 20th May 1993

Location: Catto Gallery, London

Fallen Angels featured 29 of Vettriano's paintings, 6 oil on board and 23 oil on canvas. Vettriano later released a book of his paintings under the title Fallen Angels. The paintings on display included Working the Lounge and The Star Cafe.

"The Star Cafe" by Jack Vettriano

Summers Remembered

Date: 12th November to 3rd December 1993

Location: Corrymella Scott Gallery

The Corrymella Scott Gallery has a long association with promoting the works of Scottish art. Valerie Singleton opened this 1993 exhibition called Summers Remembered. It featured 25 original oil paintings by Vettriano, including The Innocents.


"The Innocents" by Jack Vettriano

Chimes at Midnight

Date: 12th October to 1st November 1994

Location: Portland Gallery, London

The Portland Gallery who hosted this exhibition, were Vettriano's representatives from 1993. The many paintings on offer included The Trap, Yesterday's Dreams and The Billy Boys.


"Yesterday's Dreams" by Jack Vettriano

A Date With Fate

Date: 17th to 27th August 1995, Edinburgh Festival

Location: Edinburgh

40 of Vettriano's paintings were displayed at the A Date With Fate Exhibition which was held in a townhouse in Edinburgh, during the Edinburgh Festival, and opened by Sir Tim Rice. Nostalgic views of the past, in Sweet Bird of Youth combined with his more erotic images such as The Perfectionist.


"Sweet Bird of Youth" by Jack Vettriano

"The Perfectionist" by Jack Vettriano

The Passion & The Pain

Date: 17th May to 15th June 1996

Location: Portland Gallery, London

The 46 paintings for sale included The Big Tease, Sweet Bird of Youth (Study), Back Where You Belong, The Parlour of Temptation and Winter Light and Lavender which were all later released as Limited Edition Prints. Also available were Beach Babes and Dressing to Kill.


"Beach Babes" by Jack Vettriano

"Dressing to Kill" by Jack Vettriano

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Halfway to Paradise

Date: 1996

Location: Museum Annex, Hong Kong

This exhibition in Hong Kong boasted 32 oil on canvas paintings. Lazy Hazy Days was for sale for 27,000 Hong Kong Dollars. Also available was Dancer for Money. Later released as a Limited Edition Print, Dancer for Money, regularly appears in our most wanted Limited Editions.


"Dancer for Money" by Jack Vettriano

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Studies & Small Paintings

Date: 8th to 23rd August 1997, Edinburgh Festival

Location: Dundas Street Gallery, Dundas Street, Edinburgh

Studies and Small Paintings was another exhibition at the Edinburgh Festival for Jack Vettriano. 33 of his paintings were exhibited. The Singing Butler was exhibited but not for sale. A firm favourite, Night Geometry was for sale for only £2,950.


"Night Geometry" by Jack Vettriano

Between Darkness & Dawn

Date: 10th June to 10th July 1998 / 1st August to 6th September 1998

Location: Portland Gallery, London / Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery, Kirkcaldy

Between Darkness & Dawn was Vettriano's 5th solo exhibition under the representation of The Portland Gallery. 36 paintings were for sale. This exhibition features many of the paintings that are characteristic and perhaps the most recognisable of Vettriano's works today. Paintings included The Letter and Seven Heaven.


"The Letter" by Jack Vettriano

"Seven Heaven" by Jack Vettriano

The International 20th Century Arts Fair

Date: December 1999

Location: New York

This show featured many artists from across the globe. Among the paintings Vettriano exhibited were Suddenly One Summer, Tango Dancers and A Strange and Tender Magic.


"Suddenly One Summer" by Jack Vettriano

Lovers & Other Stangers

Date: 10th June to 18th July 2000

Location: Portland Gallery, London

Lovers & Other Strangers had a stunning range of 36 of Vettriano's paintings. A book with the same name was also released along with a Limited Edition book. Stand out images at this exhibition included Valentine Rose, Heat Wave, Beautiful Losers II and An Imperfect Past.


"Heatwave" by Jack Vettriano

The International Art & Design Fair

Date: 29th September to 2nd October 2001

Location: 7th Regiment Armory, Park Avenue at 67th Street, New York City.

This exhibition was to feature 20 original paintings. The stunning, contemporary images displayed included Model in Westwood and Only The Deepest Red II. Due to the events of September 11th the fair was cancelled . The exhibition was held at the Portland Gallery in 2001 instead.


"Model in Westwood" by Jack Vettriano

Paintings 1994 - 2002

Date: 22nd to 26th May 2002

Location: Stand 53 Art London, The Duke of Yorks HQ, Kings Road, London

While represented by The Portland Gallery, Vettriano exhibited at the Art London exhibition. Vettriano displayed 21 paintings, mainly studies. A study for Fetish was available for £9,500 while Only The Deepest Red II was available for £25,000.


"Only The Deepest Red II" by Jack Vettriano

Affairs of the Heart

Date: 19th June to 31st July 2004

Location: Portland Gallery, London

33 paintings were exhibited at the Affairs of the Heart exhibition. There was also a set of 8 Limited Edition Prints released under the title Affairs of the Heart. Among the paintings displayed was Along Came A Spider.


"Along Came A Spider" by Jack Vettriano

Love, Devotion & Surrender

Date: 8th April to 13th May 2006

Location: Portland Gallery, London

The paintings available reflected Vettriano's time in the South of France. The paintings included Her Secret Life which was released as a Limited Edition Print to celebrate the exhibition and Hotel Negresco.


"Hotel Negresco" by Jack Vettriano


La Fille a la Moto and The Temptress also featured at the exhibition.

Homage a Tuiga

Date: 16th September to 4th October 2009

Location: Yacht Club de Monaco, Quai Antoine Ler, Monaco

The exhibition was inspired by the Centenary of the Club's world-famous yacht, Tuiga. While not featuring the yacht itself, this collection is inspired by life surrounding the yacht. A Limited Edition box set of paintings was released which contains 4 of the paintings. Morning News and Lounge Lizards were included in the paintings shown.


"Morning News" by Jack Vettriano


"Lounge Lizards II" by Jack Vettriano

Days of Wine & Roses

Date: 27th March to 2nd May 2010

Location: Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery, Kirkcaldy

The paintings shown at the Days of Wine & Roses Exhibition were inspired by Jack Vettriano's time in Monaco and Nice. The collection of paintings called Homage a Tuiga were shown at this exhibition, alongside paintings such as Night Calls and Morning News. A total of 41 paintings were displayed.


"Night Calls" by Jack Vettriano

The Ballroom Spy

Date: 4th May to 19th June 2011/1st July to 31st August 2011

Location: Heartbreak Publishing, London/Royal West of England Academy Bristol

Jack Vettriano teamed up with photographer Jeanette Jones for this exhibition of dance inspired works, featuring 40 of Jeanette's photographs and 12 paintings by Jack Vettriano. Vettriano's paintings are his interpretation of Jeanette's black and white photographs, the dancers appearing in Vettriano's signature settings and steeped in colour. This exhibition featured the fabulous Anniversary Waltz and The Morning After.


"The Morning After" by Jack Vettriano

Jack Vettriano: A Retrospective

Date: 21st September 2013 to 23rd February 2014

Location: Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Glasgow

A Retrospective was a record breaking exhibition for the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. 132,502 people attended the exhibition between 21 September 2013 and Sunday 23 February 2014. Over 100 of Vettriano's original paintings, from private collections around the world, were brought together and displayed at this event.


"Scorched" by Jack Vettriano

If you were not one of those fortunate to attend The Retrospective held at the Kelvingrove Gallery we would highly recommend a copy of the book/catalogue from the event. Its an amazing display of over 100 paintings that were on display at the event and provides a fabulous opportunity to view Vettriano's works time and again. Find out more about it here.


Don't miss Vettriano's new exhibition coming in 2020!

Jack Vettriano: The Early Years will be held at Kirkcaldy Galleries from the 4th September to 15th November 2020.

Featuring over 50 original works from Jack Vettriano. Many of which have never been publicly shown and chart the progress from Jack’s earliest paintings when he was known as Jack Hoggan to the creation of some of his most famous images.



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