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What is a Studio Proof?

What is a Studio Proof?

Wondering what a Studio Proof is? Studio Proofs are very similar to Limited Edition Prints with one important difference

Our most commonly asked questions from clients are about Studio Proofs - what is a Studio Proof and what's the difference between a Studio Proof and a Limited Edition Print. Studio Proofs are rare, on most of our clients wish lists and are more expensive than Limited Edition Prints. So, just what is a Studio Proof. Let's find out.

Before we go any further, we are Jack Vettriano specialists and official retailers, in this article we are talking specifically about Studio Proofs issued by Jack Vettriano. Other artists may differ.


Firstly, lets have a recap

To understand what a Studio Proof is you need to understand what a Limited Edition Print is. We wrote about Limited Edition Prints in this article, but let's take a quick recap here.

A Limited Edition Print is a print that has been released by an artist in a limited quantity. The artist signs and numbers each print. The number will always show the number of the print and the edition size. If you see 18/100 on a print it means it is print number 18 of 100.

Jack Vettriano signs his name on the right hand side of the bottom border of the print and numbers it to the bottom left hand side of the print.

Got it? Great, let's move on.


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What is a Studio Proof?

A Studio Proof is exactly the same as a Limited Edition Print. It is the same image, from the same print run, printed on the same paper.

Studio Proofs are sometimes given by the artist as gifts or they can be sold along with the Limited Edition Prints or held and sold separately.

Studio Proofs are signed by the artist in exactly the same way as a Limited Edition Print, with one exception. The difference is in the numbering. Studio Proofs are marked S/P or SP to the bottom left hand side of the print, where a Limited Edition Print has numbers only. Some are numbered and some are not. So, you may see some Studio Proofs with S/P 8/10 and some just S/P.

There are far fewer Studio Proofs released than Limited Edition Prints, and fewer Studio Proofs than Artist's Proofs.

An example: The Great Poet was released with 150 Limited Edition Prints, 30 Artist's Proofs and 10 Studio Proofs.


The Great Poet by Jack Vettriano - only 10 Studio Proofs available


Studio Proofs - scarce, desirable and exclusive

Studio Proofs are originally sold at a premium price over Limited Edition Prints. There are far fewer Studio Proofs available than Limited Edition Prints. This scarcity and exclusivity makes them more desirable to buyers and prices tend to remain high on the secondary market.

Not all Jack Vettriano Limited Edition Prints are released as Studio Proofs.

In fact, after Jack Vettriano decided to move to his own publishing company in 2015, they decided to stop releasing Studio Proofs altogether. This means prints such as The Big Tease and The Devoted Dressmaker are not available as Studio Proofs, only as Limited Edition Prints and Artist's Proofs.


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Should you buy a Studio Proof?

It's personal choice. The print is exactly the same as the Limited Edition Print. If you are looking for exclusivity and have a higher budget, a Studio Proof or an Artist's Proof would be great options. Over time, Studio Proofs tend to increase in value more than Limited Editions Prints.


Studio Proofs are:

  • printed in exactly the same way as a Limited Edition Print
  • printed at the same time as the Limited Edition Print
  • signed by Jack Vettriano
  • numbered S/P by Jack Vettriano
  • scarce as there are far fewer Studio Proofs than Limited Edition Prints
  • desirable as collectors like exclusivity
  • not always available as not every print is released in Studio Proof format
  • priced higher than a Limited Edition Print


Have we answered your Studio Proof questions? If there is anything you would like to know, pop them in the comments below or drop us an email.

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Wondering what the image is at the top of the page? Its Jack Vettriano's The Great Poet. Find out more about it here.