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What is an Artist's Proof?

What is an Artist's Proof?

Wondering what an Artist's Proof is and if it's right for you? Find out about Jack Vettriano Artist's Proofs here

If you are thinking about buying a Limited Edition Print, it may be worthwhile considering an Artist's Proof. One of the questions we, at Simply Jack Vettriano, are asked most often is what is an Artist's Proof?


Traditionally, when a Limited Edition Print was being printed, the artist would review the prints as the printing process started. The artist would work on the proofs as they came off the printing press and correct colour and quality issues. Once the artist was satisfied that the print reflected his original piece of artwork, the Limited Edition Prints would be printed.

The first few prints that the artist was completely happy with were known as Artist's Proofs. These prints would be kept, but would not be included in the final Limited Edition print run. These prints would be signed by the Artist, marked as Artist's Proof or A/P and would, at some point, be made available to buy or given as a gift by the artist.

Modern fine art lithograph and giclee printing techniques have ensured that, not only does the Limited Edition Print originate directly from the original piece of artwork, but, importantly, that the quality does not vary throughout the printing process.

These printing processes result in Artist's Proofs being of exactly the same standard and consistency as the Limited Edition Prints.

These Artist's Proofs are held separately to the Limited Edition Print run and are made available for sale out with the Limited Edition Print run.


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Should Artist's Proofs be signed and numbered?

Like Limited Edition Prints, Artist's Proofs are signed by the artist. Jack Vettriano signs his name to the bottom right hand side of the print, along the white border, in pencil.

Artist's Proofs should always be clearly marked Artist's Proof or A/P. Jack Vettriano marks this to the bottom left hand side of the print, again along the white border, in pencil.

Numbering of Artist's Proofs vary by artist. They may or may not be numbered. Jack Vettriano has some prints marked A/P only, but most of his A/Ps will be marked A/P and numbered with Roman Numerals. If there are ten Artist's Proofs he will number the first as A/P I/X, A/P II/X, A/P III/X and so on.


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How Many Artist's Proofs are released?

There is no set rule for the amount of Artist's Proofs that can be released. Typically, 10% of the Limited Edition Print run will be released as Artist's Proofs. If there are 150 Limited Edition Prints, then there will likely be 15 Artist's Proofs.


Are Artist's Proofs worth more than Limited Edition Prints?

Artist's Proofs are much more limited in supply than the Limited Edition Print. This limited supply means they are in higher demand, with some collectors only collecting Artist's Proofs. Jack Vettriano's Artist's Proofs typically cost at least 25% more than the Limited Edition Print of the same image. Studio Proofs can be more valuable than Artist's Proofs.


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If you have any questions about Artist's Proofs don't hesitate to contact us. We have an unrivaled selection of Jack Vettriano Artist's Proofs available, find your favourite here.


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